Cacao ceremony

Every 2 till 3 months Danielle Van Ahee and Hilario A. Robis (Hilot Maharlikan) open the space for a wonderful celestial sound healing shower with the sacred Cacao drink. The help of a vibrational instrument and its sound and resonance help to tune in to our natural state of awareness. By the assistance of the sacred Cacao drink we can access and open our heart&mind to experience the process, learn from it and use it in our daily life. Let us guide and accompany you on this retreat for mind/body/spirit.

Cacao recognizes as a “Food of the Gods”. It is considered a heart opener due to certain active ingredients present in this plant medicine. 

Some of the spiritual benefits of cacao include:

*Acts as a heart chakra opener, deeper, authentic love-based connections, emotional release.
*Promotes powerful shamanic journeying.

*Stronger connection with higher self and your own power/truth. It removes blocks and create a blissful life.
*Facilitates deeper meditation, providing clarity and allowing you to receive inspiration and conscious creativity.
*Gaining awareness of oneness, love and enlightenment.

*Balances the yin&yang within.
*Connection to higher dimensions and ability to receive downloads and raises vibration.

🍫 Note: the effects of cacao are most noticeable when consumed on an empty stomach and prepared without any dairy products, as these tend to dilute its efficacy. Stay curious with your heart open and let your mind learn from a new experience of healing and wellness.

Have you now become enthusiastic and would you like to make it a beautiful afternoon together with Daniëlle, Hilario and a nice group of people?

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